Exxelia widely used High Q series are designed with P100 or ultra-stable NPO dielectric. For high power, high voltage applications such as MRI, NMR, RF generators for laser, plasma applications, power filters, Exxelia has developed the CP and CL series.

CNW Series

 Capacitors > RF Capacitors > High-Q MLCC - CNW Series

Main Features

  • HF and RF applications
  • Wide range of solderable terminations

Typical Applications

  • Power communication


Technical Characteristics


  • X7R


  • Minimum : 10 nF
  • Maximum : 1 µF

Voltage DC

  • Minimum : 100 V
  • Maximum : 300 V


  • Minimum : -55 °C
  • Maximum : 125 °C

Case sizes

  • Not available


  • SMD,Axial leads Ribbon leads Axial ribbons

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3D Models

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