Exxelia widely used High Q series are designed with P100 or ultra-stable NPO dielectric. For high power, high voltage applications such as MRI, NMR, RF generators for laser, plasma applications, power filters, Exxelia has developed the CP and CL series.

SHR-SHD series

 Capacitors > RF Capacitors > High-Q MLCC - SHR-SHD series

Main Features

  • Reverse Geometry Capacitor
  • Lowest ESR of its class
  • Very high self resonance frequency
  • Enhanced reliabiliy

Typical Applications

  • Impedance Matching
  • Tuning, Coupling and DC blocking


Technical Characteristics


  • NPO


  • Minimum : 0,5 pF
  • Maximum : 100 pF

Voltage DC

  • Up to: 500 V


  • Minimum : -55 °C
  • Maximum : 175 °C

Case sizes

  • 0709 0711


  • Not available

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