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Custom designs examples:

3-Phase Transformer 115kVA

Main features

115 kVA @ 50Hz
Integrated Inductor
Aluminum Flat Wire

Ceramic stack 12

Main features

Stack of 12 capacitors
120µF 200V
Epoxy molding

Ceramic stack 5

Main features

39µF 500V
Stack of 5 capacitors
+30% energy density @220J/L

High Temperature stack

Main features

10 capacitors 12µF 500V
Up to 175°C
Ideal for downhole tools

High Voltage Block

Main features

Up to 30µF
630V to 100kV
Up to 25 capacitors into 1


Main features

Self 2μ @12A
17 x 17 x 10 mm
Weight 15g

Specific Pancake Slip Ring

Main features

Very low profile
No bearing

Specific Position Sensor

Main features

Rotary or Linear
Plain or Hollow
Interface and electricals per spec

Tantalum Module

Main features

5000µF 20V
Very low ESR < 2 mΩ, 1-20kHz
130 x 60 x 16mm

Tempest Zoning Filter

Main features

60dB @ 100k-1GHz
13A Phase + Neutral
250Vac 50/60Hz

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