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Exxelia manufactures standard and high-grade measurement transformers dedicated to harsh environenments. Products offer high accuracy, large operating temperature range and compact design.

Current Transformer

 Magnetics > Transformers > Measurement Transformers - Current Transformer

Main Features

  • High precision (amplitude and phase) to 0,1%
  • Up to 2000A
  • Large operating temperature range

Typical Applications

  • Current Measurement
  • Safety element for power control


Technical Characteristics

Accuracy Min (%)

  • 0,1%

Turn Ratio

  • Not available


  • 2000A


  • Not supported


  • Minimum : 10 Hz
  • Maximum : 500 Hz


  • Minimum : -55 °C
  • Maximum : 125 °C


  • No special note

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3D Models

  • No Model

Frequently Asked Questions

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