Mostly intended for isolators and ciculators sub-systems used in radiocommunication systems, ferrite materials from Exxelia are offered in disks, triangles and special custom designed dimensions. They are all based on Exxelia own fomulation providing low delta H propitious to IMD reduction.

Ferrites Materials & Tuning Components Y9 Series

 Materials & Tuning Components > Ferrites - Y9 Series

Main Features

  • High power

Typical Applications

  • Circulators
  • Isolators


Technical Characteristics


  • Garnet


  • 780 - 1020

Magnetic losses Delta Heff (Oe)

  • 29 – 63


  • Minimum : 0,34 GHz
  • Maximum : 10,9 GHz

Custom shapes available

  • Disks, square substrates

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