Exxelia has been developing potentiometric sensors for more than 50 years. These position sensors come in all sizes from miniature to the largest dimensions. They can be adapted to all mechanical, thermal and environmental requirements (RoHS compliant versions), and fully custom versions are also available.

Potentiometers Position Sensors R9306 Series

 Position Sensors > Potentiometers - R9306 Series

Main Features

  • Linear potentiometer
  • Electrical travel from 100 to 350mm

Typical Applications

  • Cockpit controls
  • Main Battle tank, Weapon Station control
  • Missile fin actuators
  • Motorized medical tables


Technical Characteristics

Diameter range

  • Not available


  • Linear

Outside Dia.

  • 16mm


  • 377mm


  • High


  • Minimum : -55 °C
  • Maximum : 125 °C

Nominal resistance

  • Not supported

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