Exxelia EMI-RFI feedthru filters are available in C, L, Pi and T cells and can be either soldered or screwed. Designs with diameters from 3 to 17 mm can be achieve depending on the required performance. Exxelia is the sole ESA qualified manufacturer for feedthru EMI-RFI filters.


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Main Features

  • DC Voltage Rated

Typical Applications

  • Power supply


Technical Characteristics


  • Up to: 15 A


  • Minimum : 50 V
  • Maximum : 500 V

Insertion Loss

  • Minimum : 5 dB
  • Maximum : 70 dB


  • From: 0,15 µF


  • Minimum : -55 °C
  • Maximum : 125 °C

Dimensions (OD)


  • Not available


  • Not available


  • No special note

Related Standards


-PRF-15733 compliant

Related Documents

3D Models

  • No Model

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How is a C Filter Built?

It is built as a single element: a capacitor from line to ground, with a through wire connecting the input to output. It has attenuation characteristics that increase at 20 dB per decade from its cutoff frequency to at least that frequency where it exhibits a minimum attenuation of 60 dB. It maintains this attenuation at higher frequencies. A feedthrough capacitor filter is usually the best choice for filtering lines that exhibit very high impedance. A feedthrough capacitor, in this website, will be referred to as a C filter.

C-Only Filters are the choice for very high impedance lines.

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