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March 19-23, 2023    120

Orange County Convention Center

Orlando, FL




April 25-27, 2023 B 20


Four Points by Sheraton
(LAX) Los Angeles, California






May 9-11, 2023

Hall 9


Nuremberg Germany



May 16-19, 2023 Mirage Hotel

Las Vegas

Mirage Hotel




June 19-25, 2023

Hall 2B

H 107


Le Bourget 





November 14-16, 2023 F11 MSA Components GmbH  Bremen Germany


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Published on 10 Jan 2023 by Stephane PERES

Discover Exxelia's Innovations in High-Reliability Transformers

High reliability transformers: empowering portable operated X-Ray machines We supply cutting-edge High Voltage Transformers for Portable/Battery Operated X-ray Machines, catering specifically to electronic engineers. Our dedicated teams meticulously design these transformers, adhering to functional requirements and general package envelopes.     The challenges our teams skillfully overcome include crafting a transformer with a compact form factor, ensuring high voltage capabilities, and maintaining impeccable reliability.               Dual Active Bridge Transformers Spearhead a 50% Reduction in Power Dissipation and Capacitance for industrial transportation and agricultural vehicles We contribute to the industrial transportation and agricultural vehicle sectors. Our innovative solutions include the integration of Dual Active Bridge Transformers. Currently in progress, our teams are strategically planning to achieve a remarkable reduction of over 50% in power dissipation and capacitance. This ambitious goal will be realized through the implementation of novel winding and core configurations, showcasing Exxelia's unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and enhancing the efficiency of electronic systems in Industrial Transportation and Agricultural Vehicles.     Inside satellite constellations with high voltage solutions We equips satellite constellations with advanced High Voltage Magnetics. Our solutions address the challenges of small packaging, high voltage requirements, and reliability. Engineered to surpass industry standards, our components ensure optimal performance in compact designs, meeting the unique demands of satellite technology.     Voltage Toroidal Components for Electronic Warfare ITAR We provide solutions for electronic warfare ITAR applications, equipping them with high-quality & high voltage assembly of toroids. In addressing the unique challenges posed by such systems, our team excels in delivering compact packages that seamlessly integrate with the stringent size requirements. The components boast remarkable high voltage capabilities, ensuring optimal performance in demanding electronic warfare environments.       Aerospace Transformers: Enhanced Performance in Compact Design We equips Military Aircraft ITAR with quasi-resonant full bridge transformers. Addressing the challenges presented by customers demanding increased output load while maintaining reduced height specifications, our engineering team rose to the occasion. Through innovative design and the implementation of new termination methods, we successfully reduced losses without compromising on the height requirement.     About Exxelia for electronics magnetics design Exxelia is specializing in the design and manufacture of magnetics for mission-critical applications in harsh environments. With a strong focus on high reliability, our expertise spans custom magnetics, including transformers and power inductors, tailored to meet unique requirements. Formerly known as RAF Tabtronics, we adhere to stringent standards such as MIL-PRF-27, providing custom solutions for diverse electronic applications.

MIL Spec 39006, Now available in LEVEL R

Exxelia, global manufacturer of complex passive components and subsystems for harsh environments, is expanding its line of MIL-PRF-39006/22 & MIL-PRF-39006/25 tantalum capacitors, with the support of the reliability level R. MIL-PRF-39006 tantalum capacitors equivalent to CLR79 and CLR81 series: this is the new range of gelled tantalum capacitors meeting the standards required by the US Department of Defense in the manufacturing of components (compatibility & reliability).   Exxelia now offers reliability level R, in addition to level M and P for voltage ranges from 6 V to 125 V with capacitance values ranging from 1.7 µF to 1 200 µF. Available in all package sizes (T1 to T4), these fully sealed products are designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -55°C to +125°C and withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Performance highlights over solid tantalum capacitors include higher energy density, higher ripple currents, lower ESR and lower DC leakage current. Engineers with complex design requirements looking for a product that can be easily integrated into projects such as power supplies & converters or filtering units for the aerospace and defense industries will be pleased.  MIL 39006/22 & MIL 39006/25 Level R are now available for order with a lead time of 14 weeks.   "The introduction of these new ranges builds on our decades of experience in supplying high reliability capacitors to the military market and demonstrates Exxelia's ability to meet the most demanding specifications in terms of product development" says Jerome Tabourel, Exxelia's vice president of sales and marketing. "We are proud to be one of the few MIL qualified tantalum capacitor manufacturers, and our flexibility and advantageous lead times will bring new supply opportunities."   TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Capacitance from 1.7 μF to 1,200 μF Voltage from 6 V to 125 V Operating temperature -55°C to +125°C Very good shock and vibration resistance (option H available)   Download the complete datasheet