"Exxelia, le composant clé de l'électronique" dans le N°89 du Magazine des Grandes Ecoles & Universités

Positionné dans le domaine des composants passifs, le groupe Exxelia s'érige en composant actif de son secteur! Aviation civile, défense, spatial, médical, transports... "nous sommes partout mais on ne nous voit jamais" déclare son Vice-President Ventes et Marketing, Jérôme Tabourel (Polytech 2000, ...

Retrouvez une interview exclusive de notre Vice-Président Ventes et Marketing, Jérôme Tabourel dans le N°89 du Magazine des Grandes Ecoles et Universités -> https://www.mondedesgrandesecoles.fr/grandes-ecoles-universites-magazine-n89-fevrier-2020/


Published on 10 Feb 2020 by Rebecca Charles

Exxelia at Eurosatory

State-of-the art absolute optical encoders Exxelia has acquired deep expertise in the development of contactless position sensors of several type: absolute and incremental optical encoders, magnetic technology and inductive sensors. Several ranges of state-of-the-art absolute optical encoders will be showcased at the company booth - Hall 5A booth# E543. Absolute optical encoders are position sensors that use optical signals to identify an absolute angular position. They provide the highest resolution, operating speed reliability as well as long life operation in most demanding environments. Exxelia ranges of absolute optical encoders offer very high performance levels for a very small footprint: high precision (<30arcsc.), high resolution (up to 21 bits), extreme thinness (10mm) and EMI EMC compatibility. With their compact design, Exxelia miniature encoders meet the requirements of the most demanding application such as aerospace, defense, medical, oil & mining industries. Various protocols are available to match with any application.  Exxelia encoders can be easily combined with other functions such as slip rings to provide customers turkey solutions.   Two new ranges of MIL-qualified wet tantalum capacitors: MIL39006/22 & MIL39006/25 The recently introduced ranges of MIL-qualified tantalum capacitors will be showcased on the company booth. MIL 39006/22 and MIL 39006/25 respectively equivalent to CLR79 and CLR81 types featuring hermetically sealed cylindrical tantalum cases and axial leads are available in T1, T2 T3 and T4 cases with extended capacitance and voltage ratings. MIL 39006/22 is qualified for voltages from 6V to 125V and provides from 1200µF @6V to 56µF @125V. MIL 39006/25 is qualified for voltages from 25V to 125V and delivers from 680µF @25V to 82µF @125V. Both ranges combine high energy density with a large operating temperature range of -55°C - +125°C and H vibrations and shocks resistance.