Micropen Printing

Micropen Printing

Micropen Printing

Exxelia Micropen’s proprietary printing technology enables product designers to bring forth their groundbreaking ideas or explore new possibilities that they once thought out of reach. Designers can DREAM BIGGER and DESIGN BETTER.

Our Micropen printing process has pioneered additive printing from its early days.

We take a substrate, any substrate, and print electronically conductive patterns, transforming the substrate into a critically important component that can sense, heat, detect, ablate or cauterize. Our technology is the key to making materials more functional, more reliable and more customized.

In today’s 3-D printing world, our technology turns static into smart by printing on virtually any 3-D ceramic, metal or polymeric substrate.

Medical Devices

Endotracheal Tubes
Integration of printed sensors onto endotracheal tubes for sensing temperature, nerve monitoring and patient monitoring. The result is a “smart tube”.
Electrosurgical Devices
Traditional subtractive printing technologies create precious metal (gold, silver, platinum) waste which our cost-effective additive printing capability eliminate.
Radiopaque Markers
Printing a radiopaque marker provides designers with greater flexibility than traditional placement of markers, ensuring enhanced surgical safety for minimally invasive surgeries.
Ablation & Catheter Balloons
Printed ablation features can be applied to deliver energy to a precise location, with line widths down to 50μm and line spacing to 25 μm with very low profiles.

Test & Measurement

Laboratory Equipment
Our engineers provide the material science expertise, design engineering skills and proven success to drive even mor high-precision, robust and smaller instrumentation.
Thick Film Heater
The ability to precisely print multiple layers directly on the desired heated surface maximizes efficiency and minimizes overall design profile.
Temperature Sensor
Use of multiple printed materials creates temerature sensing without the placement of an addition discrete component.
Precision Gauge
If traditional gages are not sufficient, we can help engineer a way to measure, inspect and verify it.

Security & Detection

Trace Detection Drift Tube
Micropen has the most advanced precision equipment and experience applying materials on the inside diameter of tubes, ID greater than 0.250”.
Mass Spectrometry
Years of experience have enabled simplified designs and elimination of multi-component assemblies.