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Exxelia Ohmcraft’s high-performance resistors enable military product designers for army.

Exxelia Ohmcraft resistor Innovation is the cornerstone of military success. At Exxelia Ohmcraft, we understand this fundamental truth. For over two decades, we have been the stalwart provider in the realm of electronic warfare, weapons platforms, force protection, and intelligence programs. Our steadfast commitment lies in enabling advancements across diverse military sectors through our unparalleled custom resistors.

Our unique Micropen® precision printing technology produces ultra-stable parts that are perfectly suited to the military’s rugged requirements, delivering a typical load life of 0.1% over 10,000 hours. This proven stability, accuracy, and quality support the long-term program life of many military products and programs. Micropen technology produces a superior resistor. The combination of our longer serpentine pattern and high-aspect ratio gives our resistors unmatched design flexibility, linearity, stability, and low noise capability, as well as:



Ohmcraft resistorsResistors Exxelia Ohmcraft High Voltage (to 40 kV) Low Noise / Very low noise

Vers low TCR

Resistor Value (> 1 MΩ up to 10 TΩ)Contact Exxelia

Ultra-high stability

Extremely tight tolerances to 0.1%

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Custom designs for Military applications

Exxelia Ohmcraft’s ability to design and deliver custom resistors is essential for military suppliers. Our engineers work closely with you to design resistors that match your exact specifications.

Surface-mount resistors, dividers, and networks
Extensive experience designing custom resistors and supporting source control drawings (SCD) for existing and new designs
Small runs to support prototypes to large volume manufacturing

Exxelia Ohmcraft can test parts using a number of military specs, including:

MIL-PRF-55342, 83401, 55182H, 914B, and 49462B
MIL-STD-129, 1276F, and 1285F

Space-grade resistors
Extended temperature range
Rapid prototyping


Our expertise in designing for military applications spans across a spectrum of products, each contributing significantly to advancing military capabilities:

Flight & SpaceExxelia Space


Products: HVCHVR, HVD, HVCD and Custom



Flight controls







Products: HVCHVR, HVD, HVCD and Custom


Night vision goggles


Electronic warfare


Bomb fuze





Products: HVCHVR, HVD, HVCD and Custom






Sight systems

Motion control




At Exxelia Ohmcraft, our commitment transcends the creation of resistors. We are dedicated to empowering the visionary innovations that define the future of military technology. Our team is poised to collaborate and customize solutions that perfectly align with the evolving needs of military applications.

In a landscape where reliability is non-negotiable and precision is imperative, Exxelia Ohmcraft stands as the beacon of unwavering support, fortifying military operations with resilient, high-performance resistors.

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Exxelia Ohmcraft

Exxelia Ohmcraft’s sister division, Exxelia Micropen Medical is at the forefront of medical device product development, providing design engineers with unique insights on conceiving and implementing new designs and features. 

Published on 08 Jan 2024 by Stephane PERES

Exxelia equips the Turkish satellite IMECE with tantalum and ceramic capacitors

IMECE is a technological feat that pushes the boundaries of high-resolution imaging. Exxelia is proud to play an essential role in this space adventure by providing quality components to ensure proper operation.   IMECE is an earth observation satellite designed and developed by TÜBİTAK Space Technologies Research Institute (TÜBİTAK UZAY) and produced in Türkiye to provide high-resolution imagery. The spacecraft has a mass of 800 kg (1,800 lb) and it will serve at 680 km (420 mi) on a sun-synchronous geocentric orbit. The Satellite, projected for a mission duration of five years, has 0.99m image resolution of Panchromatic (PAN). The satellite has been launched on 15 April 2023 on a SpaceX's Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket as part of the Transporter-7 ridershare mission.   Exxelia equips the satellite with PM series capacitors that are used in the satellite's Power Distribution Unit (PDU). Exxelia's PM series capacitors are renowned for their reliability, performance, and durability, making them ideal for space applications. Exxelia also supplies tantalum capacitors and ceramic capacitors for the payloads of the IMECE Satellite. These components are designed to withstand the extreme conditions of space and ensure the proper operation of scientific instruments and equipment on board the satellite.   We look forward to the discoveries and data that the IMECE Satellite will provide during its five-year mission. The future of space exploration looks promising, and Exxelia will continue to play an active role in this exciting adventure.