Exxelia onboard Solar Orbiter

Exxelia proud to be onboard Solar Orbiter which carries more than 16,000 of our passives to provide unprecedented insight into how our parent star works !

Solar Orbiter is the most complex scientific laboratory ever to have been sent to the Sun, our highly reliable space qualified capacitors and magnetics were chosen to complete the most delicate mission => resisting the most severe temperatures going up to 500°C for taking the closest ever images of the Sun, observing the solar wind and the Sun's polar regions like never before. Only our components were able to resist such a severe environment.

14,400 CEC/CNC chips ceramic capacitors

520 of our CNC stacks ceramic capacitors

470 SESI QPL Inductors

380 MSCI RF Inductors 

287 ESA qualified CTC21/E Tantalum Capacitors &  50 ESA Film Capacitors PM94

Published on 18 Mar 2020 by Rebecca Charles

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