Les résistances HT d'Exxelia Ohmcraft dans l'imagerie 3D dentaire

Afin de réaliser des images précises des dents et de la mâchoire d'un patient, les dentistes ont recours à l'imagerie 3D avancée des systèmes de tomographie par ordinateur à faisceau conique (CBCT). Pour garantir la fiabilité de ces images, les fabricants de systèmes CBCT ont fait appel aux résistan...

Afin de réaliser des images précises des dents et de la mâchoire d'un patient, les dentistes ont recours à l'imagerie 3D avancée des systèmes de tomographie par ordinateur à faisceau conique (CBCT). Pour garantir la fiabilité de ces images, les fabricants de systèmes CBCT ont fait appel aux résistances personnalisées à haute tension d'Exxelia Ohmcraft.

"De manière générale, les appareils à rayons X fonctionnent sous des tensions très élevées pour générer des images 3D claires et précises", déclare Eric Van Wormer, Vice-Président d'Exxelia Ohmcraft. "Comme les résistances d'Exxelia Ohmcraft, qu'elles soient en montage en surface ou traversant, offrent une précision et un contrôle inégalés, les fabricants de ce type de technologie se sont tournés vers nous pour garantir la fiabilité de leurs systèmes et la qualité des images qu'ils réalisent."

Les systèmes CBCT sont utilisés pour assister les dentistes dans diverses procédures, notamment la pose d'implants dentaires, le traitement canalaire, le traitement des dysfonctionnements de l'articulation temporo-mandibulaire (ATM) et la chirurgie dentaire.

La technologie d'Exxelia Ohmcraft utilise le système d'impression électronique breveté Micropen pour "imprimer" des lignes serpentines étroites et précises avec de l'encre résistive sur un substrat en céramique, produisant ainsi des résistances plus performantes sur une plus large gamme de valeurs et sur une plus petite surface que ne le permet la technologie conventionnelle des résistances à film.

Published on 17 Mar 2021 by Valentine Taffineau


PARIS, France and NASHIK, India, January 18th, 2022 – Exxelia, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance passive components and sub-systems, announces that it has completed the majority acquisition of Alcon Electronics on December 29th, 2021. Alcon is a leading Indian designer and manufacturer of catalog and custom-designed film & aluminum electrolytic capacitors, specifically serving the renewable energy, induction heating equipment, medical imaging, power generation, and railways end markets.   Established in 1977 in Nashik, India, Alcon Electronics offers a wide range of film and screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors for power electronic applications. Through continuous innovation and a focus on R&D, Alcon meets the evolving customized requirements and high-quality standards of its products, and enjoys long-standing relationships with both Indian and international clients. Since inception, Alcon has heavily invested in its state-of-the art facility in Nashik, India, becoming a niche-market leader in the country and competing with large international players. With this partnership, Exxelia will benefit from the unique engineering capabilities of Alcon centered around testing & instrumentation equipment, leveraging it extensively within the group.   Paul Maisonnier, Chief Executive Officer of Exxelia, said: “We are excited to have Alcon join the Exxelia family! Alcon is an established, niche-market leader with great technology, very talented and committed teams and deep business and technical knowledge. Thanks to Alcon, we significantly strengthen our film and electrolytic product portfolio, and we gain a foothold in India which will allow us to better seize opportunities in this booming region and support our French customers with regards to their offset obligations”.     Siddharth Sachdev, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Alcon Electronics, added: “Alcon is delighted to be a part of Exxelia, a human-sized passive component group focused on high reliability products for professional markets. We found ourselves sharing common values and vision and we believe that this combination enhances the capabilities of both groups to serve our combined customer base in film & aluminum electrolytic capacitors both in India and globally.”     KPMG India acted as the exclusive financial advisor to the shareholders of Alcon Electronics, and Lincoln International acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Exxelia, for this transaction. On the Legal side, Pioneer Legal, India acted as the legal advisors to Alcon Electronics, and BTG Legal, India acted as the legal advisors to Exxelia.   About Alcon Electronics Alcon Electronics is a leading Indian designer and manufacturer of film & aluminum electrolytic capacitors, with a state-of-the art facility in Nashik, India. The company sells 3 main types of film capacitors: IGBT snubber (direct mounting with different terminals styles to suit all types of IGBT modules), DC Link and Power Film capacitors, and is developing a new product line of AC Capacitors. Alcon serves the power electronic industry globally, especially the renewable energy, induction heating equipment, medical imaging, power generation, and railways end markets. Alcon controls every step of product development in-house and is able to supply customers globally with custom-designed capacitors. For more Information, visit alconelectronics.com  

Exxelia Ohmcraft : High Voltage Resistors for the World’s Most Advanced Medical Applications

Our resistors are designed for a variety of products to be used in medical diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. From small, implantable, and non-invasive devices, to large diagnostic imaging equipment, Exxelia Ohmcraft resistors are chosen by medical manufacturers because the operating environments are high voltage and magnetic fields where accuracy and stability are paramount. Exxelia Ohmcraft’s proprietary Micropen® precision printing technology produces superior resistor products ideally suited for medical applications, printing resistors with electrical characteristics that outperform our competitors. Our technology allows us to write a very exact serpentine pattern with more precise line width and length than conventional screen printing. Our Exxelia Ohmcraft serpentine patterned resistors produce superior electrical characteristics, including:     High Voltage (1 - 5 kV up to 50kV) Low Noise / High Ohmic Values Superior TCR and VCR (25 < TCR < 200 ppm/°C)  Resistor Value (> 1 MΩ up to 10 TΩ) Pulse Handling Capability Tolerances to 0.1%       Medical Instruments and Equipment Exxelia Ohmcraft is committed to enabling medical instrument and equipment manufacturers to continue miniaturizing their products without comprising on performance. Physicians and their patients rely on our resistors to maximize the functionality and reliability of designed for each device. Our unique Micropen® precision printing technology produces the pulse-handling capabilities needed for critical medical circuits. Exxelia Ohmcraft’s resistors are found in most defibrillators and across the spectrum of diagnostic imaging equipment.   Products: HVC, SM, HVR, HVD, and Custom   Applications: External defibrillators Internal defibrillators Electrocardiogram (ECG) systems   Medical Instrumentation Improvements to patient monitoring, diagnostic, analytic and medication delivery systems have resulted in an increased quality of patient care. These patient-interface instruments require highly stable components to ensure the accuracy of critical data needed by physicians, nurses, and diagnosticians. Micropen® precision printing technology enables us to manufacture high ohmic-value resistors with ultra-tight TCR and VCRs capable of producing the critical measurements and data required to diagnose, treat and prevent further medical action.   Products: HVC, SM, HVR, HVD, and Custom   Applications: Patient monitoring systems Medical power supplies Respiratory systems Drug pumps Drug delivery systems Prosthetics Medical cables Blood analyzers Laboratory analyzers DNA analyzers   Diagnostic Imaging Advances in diagnostic imaging have led to more accurate and precise diagnoses. As a result, more treatment and preventative options become available to patients. Exxelia Ohmcraft’s resistors are used for many diagnostic imaging applications based on proven reliability and functionality. Imaging equipment manufacturers rely on our leaded and surface-mount resistors to provide the precision and performance required by advanced imaging methods. Tightly controlled TCR and VCR, low noise, and enhanced ESD tolerance make Exxelia Ohmcraft’s high-voltage and high-value resistors a premium component to any medical imaging application.   Products: HVC, SM, HVR, HVD, and Custom   Applications: CT units X-ray systems Ultrasound devices Mammography devices Nuclear imaging systems PET scanners Radiography devices MRI devices Exxelia Ohmcraft is the leader in high performance resistor design and manufacturing. Our proprietary Micropen precision printing technology enables superior precision thick-film resistors. Exxelia Ohmcraft can meet the most challenging space instrument specifications for high voltage and high value resistors.   Exxelia Ohmcraft’s sister division, Exxelia Micropen Medical is at the forefront of medical device product development, providing design engineers with unique insights on conceiving and implementing new designs and features.