Quality & Environment

As a driving force for continuous improvement, our quality policy is aimed at strengthening our operational and industrial performances while improving human safety. All our sites are ISO 9001 certified and those specialized in the Aviation, Defense and Space sectors have the EN 9100/AS9100 standard. We are thus able to ensure our customers with full control of all our processes, as well as their quality and time limit requirements. Regular customer visits and audits enable us to share references in terms of manufacturing processes, industrial standards and to incorporate all requirements into our operating procedures.

Since we operate in critical markets, our expertise and the quality of our production processes, are a key strategic differentiator for Exxelia. The company develops and supplies ever more efficient products to ensure the reliability and security of the systems in which they are implemented. Thanks to long-lasting partnerships with manufacturers, OEM and institutions, Exxelia is recognized as a key and reliable supplier of passive components and sub-system for critical applications.


Exxelia continues to attach great importance and allocate time and resources to product certifications. Focused on Space, Military or Industry, Exxelia holds more than 50 ESCC qualifications, 35 MIL certifications, for its capacitors, inductors, resistors and EMI filters products.
Products certificates can be found on the relevant product pages.

Quality certificates related to manufacturing sites are shown below :


Exxelia ensures that its activities are in compliance with the "Conflict Minerals Compliance" US law developed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to prevent the use of minerals from conflict zones as defined in the Act. The minerals concerned are: Cassitric (tin), Coltan (tantalum), Wolframite (tungsten) and Gold. The Act requires full traceability and a mechanism to control the supply chain of minerals to encourage importers to buy exclusively "certified" minerals.

Our Health, Safety & Environment commitments


Exxelia recognizes that our people drive the business. As the most critical resource, employees will be safeguarded through training, provision of appropriate work surroundings, and procedures that foster protection of health and safety. All work conducted by company employees will take into account the intent of this policy. No duty, no matter what its perceived result, will be deemed more important than employee health and safety.

We value our employees as human beings critical to the success of their family, the local community, and to the Exxelia family. To this end, Exxelia is firmly committed to the safety of our employees. We will do everything possible to prevent workplace accidents and we are committed to providing a safe and healthful working environment for all employees.

Exxelia is committed to providing our employees with the proper training and equipment to ensure that they can safely produce our high quality products. No job is worth doing if it cannot be done safely.


Exxelia is committed to having a robust environmental policy from product design through production & shipment. In order to minimize its environmental impact, Exxelia’s environmental policy strives for the reduction or elimination of hazardous substances and a focus on prioritizing recycling of waste where possible.

Exxelia is responsible for assessing and managing environmental hazards and supplying appropriate safety information to both its own workforce and its customers. Exxelia constantly monitors the development of regulations and directives, standards, and best practices, and applies them every day to its manufacturing processes.