Slip rings transmit information via electric contacts (brushes rubbing against tracks). For over 50 years, Exxelia has developed slip rings available in different versions: standard interface, hollow shaft interface, pancake (monobloc rotor and stator without bearings, rotor guidance being left to the customer), rotor and stator sold separately.

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Main Features

  • External diameter = 50 mm
  • Up to 150 channels
  • Qualified for the transmission of Gb Ethernet 1000Base-T. Hollow shaft option (Ø int. 16 mm)
  • Possibility to integrate a Fiber Optical Rotary Joint (FORJ)

Typical Applications

  • Slip ring designed for signal & power channels
  • Aeronautics, Defense (Electro Optical Systems), Telecommunications, Space


Technical Characteristics


  • Slip rings

Type of signals

  • Power and high-rate data transfer


  • 50mm


  • Not available

Number of tracks Max

  • Not available


  • Plain or hollow shaft

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