Exxelia empowers Aditya-L1 & Chandrayaan 3's successful launch with cutting-edge components

In a remarkable achievement for space exploration, the successful launch of Aditya-L1 spacecraft & Chandrayaan 3 marks a significant milestone for India's space program. This mission, powered by cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, is not only a testament to human innovation but also s...

Chandrayaan 3


As a key supplier of capacitors, EMI Filters, and magnetics for Chandrayaan 3, Exxelia has contributed to the mission's success in ways that go beyond the skies.

"We are honored to have been a part of the supplier base for this remarkable spacecraft and to have been part of this historic mission. Our ability to supply these products reflects the unique and talented Team Members we are fortunate to lead at our companies, along with the high-quality components our companies have developed over time" - Paul Maisonnier, Exxelia's CEO


Chandrayaan 3 exxelia capacitorsCapacitors CTC21 & CTC21E :

Exxelia's capacitors are at the heart of Chandrayaan 3's electronics systems, ensuring stable and reliable power distribution throughout its journey. Operating in the extreme conditions of space, these capacitors exhibit exceptional performance, with the ability to withstand radiation, temperature fluctuations, and mechanical stress. As the spacecraft navigates its way to the lunar surface, Exxelia's capacitors provide the energy storage needed to drive critical systems.


EMI Filters (EMI Filters SFP & SFC ):

EMI Filters from Exxelia bring a new dimension of efficiency and durability to Chandrayaan 3's onboard electronics. With their remarkable switching speed and low power consumption, Exxelia's EMI Filters enable seamless data processing and communication, even in the challenging environment of space. The reliability of EMI Filters ensures that the spacecraft can continue to function optimally, collecting and transmitting valuable data back to earth.



Chandrayaan 3 exxelia magneticsMagnetics MPCI 10000Magnetics SESI 14 & SESI 18 :

Exxelia's magnetics form an integral part of Chandrayaan 3's navigation and guidance systems. These components provide precise control over the spacecraft's orientation and trajectory adjustments. As the spacecraft maneuvers through space, Exxelia's magnetics contribute to maintaining its correct orientation, enabling Chandrayaan 3 to stay on course as it embarks on its lunar journey.


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Aditya satellite

The launch of the Aditya satellite marks a significant advancement in space exploration. This satellite is equipped with passive electronic components from Exxelia. What makes these components particularly remarkable is their ability to withstand the extremely high temperatures of the space environment.


Aditya-L1 (from Sanskrit: Aditya, "Sun") is a coronagraphy spacecraft to study the solar atmosphere, designed and developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and various other Indian research institutes. 


Exxelia space

Published on 23 Aug 2023 by Stephane PERES