Exxelia offers design support and expertise to the development of rotors and stators for use up to 220°C. This demanding design capability together with strong engineering experience, in-depth winding, moulding expertise and manufacturing competencies, enable Exxelia to provide optimized solutions from the design phase to mass production.

Rotor 20

 Magnetics > Rotors & Stators - Rotor 20

Main Features

  • Expertise in winding
  • Impregnation
  • Slot insultation positionning
  • lacing

Typical Applications

  • Actuators


Technical Characteristics

Dimensions L Max (mm)

  • 55mm

Diameter Max (mm)

  • 20mm

Weight Max (kg)

  • 0,15kg


  • No special note

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3D Models

  • No Model

Frequently Asked Questions

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