Exxelia widely used ceramic High-Q MLCC capacitors are designed with P100 or ultra-stable NPO dielectric. These RF microwave capacitors can be used in high voltage applications up to 7200V. For high-frequency high power, high voltage applications such as MRI, NMR, RF generators for laser, plasma applications, power filters, Exxelia has developed the CP and CL series.

High-Q MLCC RF/Microwave Capacitors CL series

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Main Features

  • Ultra-Low ESR/ESL
  • NPO RF power capacitors
  • Excellent characteristics in current, voltage and power
  • Working voltage 200V - 7200V
  • Available on Modelithics Here

Typical Applications

  • RF Power Amplifiers
  • Plasma chambers
  • MRI Coils


Technical Characteristics


  • NPO


  • Minimum : 1 pF
  • Maximum : 10000 pF

Voltage DC

  • Up to: 7200 V


  • Minimum : -55 °C
  • Maximum : 125 °C

Case sizes

  • 2225 4040 7065


  • Micro-strip Ribbon Radial Wire Axial Wire

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Q: Product available on Modelithics

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