European Microwave Week - Booth# B106

23-28 September, 2018 : EuMW is the largest trade show dedicated to Microwaves and RF in Europe.

Exxelia Booth : B106
23-28 September, 2018

Published on 06 Dec 2017 by Marion Van de Graaf

Inauguration EXXELIA Manufacturing site Morocco

We are thrilled to announce the inauguration of our brand new, modern, custom-built site in Morocco, a colossal 10,000 m2 industrial facility dedicated to electronic products. This state-of-the-art site is equipped with a 200 m2 clean room and is fully air-conditioned, setting a new standard in electronic manufacturing.     Features at a Glance: Industry 4.0 Orientation: Our modern plant follows the Hoshin method, embraces digital integration, and adopts lean principles. This ensures efficiency, precision, and adaptability in our manufacturing processes. Workplace Modernization: Our workshops are designed with the well-being of our teams in mind. We've modernized workstations, introduced new, more reliable, and productive equipment, creating clean, pleasant, and ergonomic environments. Green Surroundings: Easy access to a green environment enhances the overall workspace experience, promoting a positive atmosphere for innovation and collaboration.   Main Activities: Internal Subcontracting for French & US Sites: Our facility specializes in manufacturing a range of electronic components, including ceramic capacitors, electrolytic components, film products, stators, magnetic products, position sensors, and slip rings. Electronic Assembly for External Customers: We offer electronic assembly services for external customers, covering the winding of transformers and chokes, assembly of rotors and stators, wiring, and microwave micro-electronic assembly.   This step marks a significant expansion for Exxelia, solidifying our commitment to excellence and innovation in electronic manufacturing.