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Nouveau Site Web

Exxelia lance son nouveau site internet en versions anglaise et française. Compatible avec l’ensemble des supports (ordinateur, tablette et smartphone) le nouveau site offre une navigation simplifiée et une architecture entièrement repensée pour privilégier un accès direct aux produits.

Le nouveau site internet offre une expérience utilisateur optimale grâce à un design intuitif, des fonctionnalités innovantes et des contenus adaptés aux différents types de produits : condensateurs, magnétiques, filtres, capteurs de position et slip rings. 

Pour simplifier la sélection de produits, un moteur de recherche avec des filtres spécifiques à chaque technologie (capacitance, courant, température, fréquence, etc.) permet d’accéder en quelques clics à des produits ciblés et adaptés à ses besoins. Plus de 680 gammes sont répertoriées sur le site avec pour chacune la possibilité de télécharger une fiche technique, modèle 3D, photo HD, etc.  

Les études techniques, guides d’application, livres blancs disponibles sous la rubrique « Ressources » donnent un aperçu détaillé de l’expertise d’Exxelia.  

Enfin, une section « Application » présente les principaux marchés sur lesquels Exxelia opère aéronautique, spatial, défense, télécommunications, médical, et transports avec une sélection de produits adaptés à chaque sous-environnement : avionique & cockpit, actionneurs, satellites, radars, imagerie médicale, etc. Cette section contribue également à présenter la grande diversité de produits et de technologies proposés par le Groupe. 

« Nous sommes fiers de notre nouveau site internet et de l’information pertinente qu’il fournit. Nous pensons qu’il améliorera l’expérience client et renforcera notre marque en tant que fournisseur leader de produits à haute fiabilité», Marie Evrard, Responsable Marketing et Communication d’Exxelia.  

«Avec la croissance rapide de notre groupe, il nous semblait nécessaire d’offrir un site plus opérationnel tout en conservant un haut niveau de technicité. Plus fonctionnel, plus dynamique et plus graphique, ce site a pour objectif de rendre plus visible notre savoir-faire et favoriser les échanges avec nos clients », Jérôme Tabourel, Directeur Commercial et Marketing d’Exxelia. 

Published on 25 Sep 2017 by Marion van de Graaf

Exxelia at IMS

Ultra low ESR, high RF power and high self-resonant frequency The NHB series is a complete range of MLCC based on NPO dielectric material providing a very high Self Resonant Frequency and limiting the parasite Parallel Resonant Frequencies. The series is available in 1111 size with capacitance ranging from 0. 3pF to 100pF. NHB series offers excellent performance for RF power applications at high temperature up to 175°C and at 500 VDC. The lowest ESR is obtained by combining highly conductive metal electrodes and proprietary of new NPO low loss rugged dielectrics. NHB series particularly fits for high power and high frequency applications such as: cellular base station equipment, broadband wireless service, point to point / multipoint radios and broadcasting equipment. Typical circuit applications: impedance matching, bypass, feedback, tuning, coupling and DC blocking. 100% invar tuning screws with self-locking system   Invar-36 is a unique Iron-Nickel alloy (64 % Fe / 36 % Ni) sought-after for its very low coefficient of thermal expansion. With 1.1 ppm. K–1 between 0°C and 100°C, Invar-36 is about 17 times more stable than Brass which is the most traditional and common alloy Tuning Elements are made of. The working temperature range in Space is so wide that this property becomes essential for a reliable and stable cavity filter tuning. Self-locking system is a technology commonly used on Tuning Element made of Brass or other soft “easy-to-machine” alloys but is innovative and pretty advanced when applied to hard and tough Invar 36. The design consists of two threaded segments separated by two parallel slots. After cutting both parallel slots, the rotor is compressed in its length in order to create a plastic deformation. Thus, an offset is induced between the two threaded segments which generates a constant tensile stress in the rotor from the moment threaded segments are screwed. High Q Factor Dielectric Resonators in large batches Dielectric resonators are designed to replace resonant cavities in microwave functions such as filters and oscillators. Exxelia with the support of ESA and CNES developed the E7000 series that provides a narrow bandwidth with smaller size. E7000 is Ba-Mg-Ta materials based that combines an ultra-high Q-factor and the possibility to get all the temperature coefficients upon request. E7000 features the high-performance requested for space use in the frequency range from 5 to 32 GHz, and guarantees up to Qxf > 250 000 at 10GHZ. Being one of the few manufacturers producing its own raw materials, Exxelia perfectly masters the production of dielectric resonators. Induced by the success of this new range, the company is now able to provide larger batches (up to 20kg of powder) of its E7000 series while keeping the exact same product properties, resulting in opportunities for cost-effective volume fabrication.


Low-pass filter solutions are mainly used for EMI suppression in electronics systems. Exxelia Technologies (ex-Eurofarad), part of Exxelia Group, has developed several ranges of miniature filters with different low-pass configuration (C, L, Pi, T, 2xPi, 2xL and 2xT) mainly intended to protect electronic equipment from interferences. Exxelia Technologies produces sophisticated filters assembling Exxelia Group’s manufactured ceramic capacitors (X7R/ NPO) with ferrite inductors or winding cores in a shielding case. This solution’s main benefits are performance, reliability and optimal traceability. Considering a filter in a shielding case implies a good metallic package to insure high shielding performances with attenuation up to 10 GHz. Among options, Exxelia offers glass sealing, steel or kovar package using tin, silver or gold plating treatments to withstand any thermally or mechanically challenged applicaiton. Exxelia offers innovative EMI suppression filter solutions providing great shielding performance including the FC030 feedthrough mounted on shielding enclosure and FCM030 series designed to prevent EMI on printed circuit board. FC030 series is feedthrough filter allowing to prevent not only EMI conduction but also EMI radiation on power supply or data signals designs up to 200V. FC030 insertion loss can be 20dB at 1MHz to reach 70dB up to 10 GHz. FC030 series is extremely performant on low frequencies applications. On the other hand, FC030 can offer very low capacitance values starting from 5pF allowing to protect high bandwidth data signals. Operating temperature from -55C° up to +175C°. FC030 series is ESA qualified.   FCM030 features same design and performances’ as FC030 and is intended for surface mount devices. FCM030 is packaged in full metallic silver plated allowing optimal contact with ground plane that improves the interferences flow to the ground. The series particularly fit for amplifiers, radars, sensitive HMI, accurate measuring.

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