EuMW 2017 - booth# 190

Exxelia is exhibiting at EuMW, in Nuremberg, Germany. From 10 to 12 October at booth# 190, the company will be showcasing high-rel microwave and RF components dedicated to a variety of demanding industries including medical, transportation and defense.

Ultra low ESR, high RF power and high self-resonant frequency

The NHB series is a complete range of MLCC based on NPO dielectric material providing a very high Self Resonant Frequency and limiting the parasite Parallel Resonant Frequencies. The series is available in 1111 size with capacitance ranging from 0. 3pF to 100pF. NHB series offers excellent performance for RF power applications at high temperature up to 175°C @ 500 VDC. The lowest ESR is obtained by combining highly conductive metal electrodes and proprietary of the NPO low loss rugged dielectrics. NHB series is particularly fit for high power and high frequency applications such as: cellular base station equipment, broadband wireless service, point to point / multipoint radios and broadcasting equipment. Typical circuit applications: impedance matching, bypass, feedback, tuning, coupling and DC blocking.


100% invar tuning screws with self-locking system  

Invar-36 is a unique Iron-Nickel alloy (64 % Fe / 36 % Ni) sought-after for its very low coefficient of thermal expansion. With 1.1 ppm. K–1 between 0°C and 100°C, Invar-36 is about 17 times more stable than Brass which is the most traditional and common alloy Tuning Elements are made of. The working temperature range in Space is so wide that this property becomes essential for a reliable and stable cavity filter tuning. Self-locking system is a technology commonly used on Tuning Element made of Brass or other soft “easy-to-machine” alloys but is innovative and pretty advanced when applied to hard and tough Invar 36. The design consists of two threaded segments separated by two parallel slots. After cutting both parallel slots, the rotor is compressed in its length in order to create a plastic deformation. Thus, an offset is induced between the two threaded segments which generates a constant tensile stress in the rotor from the moment threaded segments are screwed.

High Q Factor Dielectric Resonators

Dielectric resonators are designed to replace resonant cavities in microwave functions such as filters and oscillators. Exxelia has developed with support of ESA and CNES, a new high-end dielectric material, E7000 series, designed for high-end filters where high Q factor is requested.

E7000 is Ba-Mg-Ta materials based that combines an ultra-high Q factor and the possibility to get all the temperature coefficients upon request. E7000 provides high-performance requested for space use in the frequency range 5 to 32 GHz, and guarantees up to Qxf > 250 000 at 10GHZ. Typical applications: Satellite multiplexing filter devices, radio links for communication systems (LMDS), military radars.

Published on 18 Sep 2017 by Marion Van de Graaf


No more compromises between stability and capacitance! The brand new C48X material combines most advantages of NPO and X7R dielectrics, enabling the new high power and high frequency ceramic capacitor range to provide great stability in voltage, high capacitance, great dissipation factor and fast charge/discharge. Miniaturization is a driving need for future electronics pieces of equipment. This evolution, true whatever the application, leads Exxelia Technologies (ex-Eurofarad) to develop a brand new high voltage ceramic capacitors range based on a new dielectric material named C48X, combining most of the advantages of NPO and X7R dielectrics. Compared to X7R material, C48X dielectric allows to get the same capacitance values under working voltage with the unrivaled advantage of a very low dissipation factor (less than 5.10-4). Besides, it can also withstand very high dV/dt, up to 10kV/μs, which makes it the solution of choice for pulse and fast charge/discharge applications. Thus capacitors with C48X dielectric appear to be ideally suited for power applications where heat dissipation may be detrimental to performances and reliability. Exxelia Technologies’ capacitors based on the C48X material have been developed from 200V to 5kV with chip sizes ranging from 1812 to 16080, allowing a maximum capacitance value of 10μF 200V (10 times more than with an NPO ceramic). The standard stacked versions are proposed with a maximum capacitance value of 47μF 200V. Regarding the mounting of these capacitors, many configurations are possible to be compatible either with surface mounting or through-hole mounting. All these versions can be suitable for space use and can be designed in order to avoid any whisker growth risk (10% min lead in all tin-lead alloys used). The introduction of the C48X range in the EPPL (European Space Agency Preferred Parts List) for space is in progress for sizes 0603 to 6560 from 100V to 1kV up to size 1210 and up to 5kV until the size 6560). Some typical applications: • 400Hz Aircraft • Defense • Space • Precision/filtering capacitance in thermally challenged environment for AC or DC voltage

Exxelia Ohmcraft's cutting-edge resistors redefining reliability in the aerospace industry

Exxelia Ohmcraft provides designers of space instrumentation with resistors that are the foundation for building robust power supplies, sensors and imaging equipment. Exxelia Ohmcraft products have helped push forward scientific advancements in mass spectrometry, image intensifiers, X-Ray sources and spectroscopic analysis. We provide standard and custom products to many market leaders with the reliability that makes Exxelia Ohmcraft the resistor of choice for such critical scientific space applications.   Our unique Micropen precision printing technology produces ultra-stable resistors with exceptional reliability that are perfectly suited for space flight applications. For over 20 years, Exxelia Ohmcraft has been designing resistors used in instruments on various spacecrafts. Our resistors enable the analytical equipment designed for strategic science missions which creates the space technology that explores outer space. Exxelia Ohmcraft technology produces a superior resistor. The combination of our longer serpentine pattern and high-aspect ratio gives our resistors unmatched design flexibility, linearity, stability and low noise capability as well as:     Ultra High Voltages up to 60 kV Extremely tight tolerances to 0.1% Very low TCR with extended temperature range Very low noise / Very low VCR Ultra-high stability         Custom designs for Space applications Exxelia Ohmcraft ability to design and deliver custom resistors is essential for space instrumentation designers. Our engineers work closely with you to design resistors that match your exact specifications. Surface-mount resistors, dividers and networks Extensive experience designing custom resistors and supporting source control drawings (SCD) for existing and new designs Engineering Models Flight Models Exxelia Ohmcraft can perform Lot Acceptance Testing (LAT) on our resistor products using a number of Space and Military Specifications, including: NASA EEE-INST-002 Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 MIL-PRF-55342, MIL-PRF-49462 and MIL-PRF-83401 MIL-STD-202 ESCC 4001 (ESA/SSC 4001)   Our expertise in designing for military applications spans across a spectrum of products, each contributing significantly to advancing military capabilities: Scientific Instrumentation   Products: MCH, HVR, HVD, HVA and Custom designs Applications: Mass Spectrometers Ion Mobility Spectrometers Test Equipment Signal Generators Chemical / Mineral Sample Analysis Instrumentation Power Supplies   Products: MCH, HVR, HVD, HVA and Custom designs Applications: High Voltage Custom Power Supplies Vision Systems   Products: MCH, HVR, HVD, HVA and Custom designs Applications: Image Intensifier Circuits  Optical Spectrometers Photomultipliers     Exxelia Ohmcraft is the leader in high performance resistor design and manufacturing. Our proprietary Micropen precision printing technology enables superior precision thick-film resistors. Exxelia Ohmcraft can meet the most challenging space instrument specifications for high voltage and high value resistors.   Exxelia Ohmcraft’s sister division, Exxelia Micropen Medical is at the forefront of medical device product development, providing design engineers with unique insights on conceiving and implementing new designs and features.