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Published on 12 Nov 2021 by Stéphane PERES

Exxelia at SIAE 2023 (Paris Air Show)

As an expert in high reliability products in a wide range of fields, Exxelia will be exhibiting its products this year.   On its "Embedded Products" cluster, bringing together components that can be mounted on a satellite or aircraft, Exxelia will be presenting two innovations that are particularly well suited to the challenges of the aviation of the future and the objectives of decarbonisation of the air. Its latest film capacitor innovation called MML™ (named after its "Miniature Micro-Layer" dielectric) shows an energy density up to 4 times higher than other film dielectrics. MML® technology makes power capacitors smaller, lighter and compatible with higher temperatures, and is therefore particularly suitable for DC-Link, decoupling & charge-discharge applications.   Alongside MML™ components, Exxelia will also be exhibiting the latest innovations in magnetic components, saving up to 40% in weight and 20% in volume while dissipating more power, some of which have been designed for eVTOL applications, as well as the CCM & Dual Active Bridge multi-output transformers.   Come and discover the latest innovations from Exxelia at our booth during the event. We have a range of high-quality products (Capacitors, Filters, Magnetics, Materials & Tuning Components, Position Sensors, Ohmcraft Resistors, Slip Rings & Rotary Joints) designed to meet the needs of your industry. We can't wait to show you how our solutions can improve your projects and increase your efficiency.   Don't miss the opportunity to meet our team of experts and find out how we can help you achieve your goals. Join us at our booth for an enlightening experience.