Exxelia équipe le F-18

L'avion de chasse de Top Gun Maverick

Exxelia est fier d'équiper le F-18 ; l'avion de chasse qui fait partie des "acteurs" du film Top Gun Maverick, de Joseph Kosinski (Paramount Pictures).

Le F-18 est le deuxième avion de combat le plus utilisé dans le monde en 2012.

Plusieurs F/A-18 sont visibles dans le film. Modèle remplaçant les Grumman F-14 Tomcat

de l'US Navy représentée dans Top Gun, sortit en 1986.


À l'intérieur, nous y retrouvons notamment nos condensateurs film 820P ainsi que les condensateurs film MIL-PRF-83421/6.


Publié le 26 May 2022 par Stephane PERES

Exxelia à PCIM 2017

Magnetic Components based on Adaptive CCM Technology Exxelia designed CCM technology to respond to the growing interest of electronic engineers for inductors and transformers with multiple outputs, high power density and reduced footprint. Qualified for aeronautic and space applications, the CCM product line features terrific robustness. The monolithic design provides high mechanical performance, proven by the successfully testing in accordance with MIL-STD-202 (methods 213 and 204). The series offers five different sizes, allowing optimized component design in a pick-and-place surface mount (SMD) package. Through-hole (TH) packages are also available upon request. The CCM series is particularly flexible with a number of pins options available, from 2×6 pins for the smallest package, up to 2×10. CCM transformers and inductors can operate over a wide temperature range with a minimal temperature of -55° C. The standard thermal grade of the technology is 140° C. Thanks to the technology design, the thermal resistance is 30% lower than standard industrial components. The epoxy molding protecting the winding ensures a lower temperature gradient and a better heat dissipation. Each unit is thoroughly tested with a dielectric withstanding strength of 1,500 VAC. Component materials meet UL 94-V0 rating. Cost-effective Common-mode Chokes Qualified for Aerospace Exxelia designed this extensive and cost-effective range to be an easy commercial (COTS) solution for aerospace, defense, and other high-reliability applications. The TCM series is available in a through-hole package for horizontal or vertical mounting. TCM chokes are offered with inductances from 0.7 mH to 47 mH under rated currents from 0.3 to 4.0 A. Each unit is thoroughly tested with a dielectric withstanding strength of 1,500 VAC. Excellent thermal properties allow the series to operate from -55° C to +125° C. The high mechanical performance of the component materials (all meeting to UL94 V0 rating) makes TCM a perfect fit for aviation, defense and transportation industries.