Exxelia Capacitors now available at Digi-Key


Exxelia, leading designer and manufacturer of high-reliability passive components & sub-systems dedicated to harsh environments, is now available at the electronic distribution giant Digi-Key for the US market.

Starting today with the global on-line distributor Digi-Key Electronics allows Exxelia to strengthen its presence in the US market and reinforces its leading position as manufacturer of passive components for harsh environments. “We understand the designers’ need for a faster access to components. Thanks to a distribution partner as wide and strong as Digi-Key, we are able to create the shortest path between their need and our high reliability products,” said Jérôme Tabourel, VP Marketing & Sales at Exxelia.

Digi-Key now displays part of Exxelia’s product offering with High-Q MLCCs and Trimmer Capacitors, hence addressing RF and microwave applications.

For more information about Exxelia and its products range available on Digi-Key, visit Exxelia Page on digikey.com or visit exxelia.com.

Publié le 25 Jan 2021 par Rebecca Charles

Exxelia à Railtex 2017

Felsic HV, long lifetime and high voltage screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitor The Felsic HV family of aluminum electrolytic screw terminal capacitors provides great performances in energy density and ultra-long lifetime. For instance, 6 800µF @450V fit into a  volume of Ø77 x 220mm  and can withstand 200,000h between 0 to 70° under 37Amps, which makes them the perfect choice for use in rolling stock traction systems or the CVS. The family also has one of the lowest ESR for aluminum capacitors with less than 10m0hms in most cases. Products are available for voltages from 160 to 450 Vdc, and offer capacitance values from 1500μF up to 47 000μF offering the best compromise between reliability and compacity.     Snapsic HV, high voltage snap aluminum electrolytic capacitor Because it covers voltages from 16 to 500Vdc and temperatures up to +105°C, and because it is customizable, the Snapsic HV series is very versatile and can cover all needs of energy storage in medium voltage both in rolling stock equipment or signaling systems. Thanks to its high ripple current, it is often used in SMPS and HVAC rolling stocks units with a typical variation of 470µF @450V in Ø35 x 50mm, as well as in various signaling control units, where a smaller package can be used with for example 1 000µF @250V in Ø35 x 40mm.   Prorelsic, the long lifetime axial aluminum electrolytic capacitors for signaling equipment Exxelia’s range of aluminum electrolytic solutions would not be complete without the axial leaded Prorelsic series. These capacitors show high ripple current and extra-long life-time with 20 000h @105°C. The most common sizes are Ø8.5 x 19mm, Ø10 x 19mm and Ø12 x 30mm, with typical values of 47µF @40V, 100µF @25V and 47µF @100V respectively. Prorelsic capacitors are perfectly suited for smoothing, coupling/decoupling and energy storage functions in railway signaling equipment.