Les condensateurs à diélectrique Mica présentent une excellente tenue en température, de faibles pertes à toutes les fréquences, une rigidité diélectrique élevée et une très grande stabilité dans le temps. Ils sont conseillés dans les circuits de filtres et de liaison, lignes à retard, circuits oscillants, circuits d’impulsion, générateurs HF, chaînes d’émission, blocage de tension continue, découplages, étalons de mesure, etc.

Condensateurs Mica Lame CM 04

 Condensateurs > Mica Lame - CM 04

Principales caractéristiques


  • HF et VHF circuits RF faible


Caractéristiques techniques


  • Silvered Mica


  • Minimum : 1 pF
  • Maximum : 390 pF

Voltage DC

  • Minimum : 100 V
  • Maximum : 500 V

Voltage AC

  • Non supporté


  • Minimum : -55 °C
  • Maximum : 150 °C

Case sizes

  • Non disponible


  • Radial




STD 202 compliant


PRF-39001 compliant


C-5 compliant


Modèles 3D

  • Pas de modèle


Q: Mica Dielectric Capacitor Technology.

This natural mineral insulator has outstanding dielectric properties that are ideal for long-life high-stability capacitors with low loss at all frequencies, and high dielectric strength. This type of capacitor is used particularly for high frequency and delay line applications, oscillating circuits, emission devices and calibrators.

Mica dielectric capacitor technology allows for several custom design applications including: High voltage capacitors (up to 50 kV) • High temperature capacitors (up to 250°C) • Precision capacitors (up to ± 0.1%) • High stability capacitors (– 20 + 30 ppm/°C) • High frequency capacitors ( up to several GHz). The majority of these capacitors are manufactured to comply to specifications NF-C-83120;MIL-C-5 and MIL-PRF-39001 standards.

Mica capacitors are noted for the following characteristics:

  • Temperature performance
  • Low loss at all frequencies
  • High dielectric strength
  • Stability over time

Q: Why choose a Silvered Mica Capacitor ?

Silver mica capacitors provide superior stability and low loss when used in RF power circuits that require low pico farad (pF) and nano farad (nF) ranges. Older silver mica capacitors were manufactured in layers of mica and silver, but the layering allowed room for air gaps that reduced the stability and could also create stress fractures in the assembly.

Modern manufacturing uses silver plated to mica layers, eliminating the gaps. When the desired number of layers is obtained, the assembly is coated in an epoxy or ceramic resin. The coating reduces fracturing of the layers and seals the assembly from moisture and particles that could interfere with the capacitance value.

Mica capacitors are useful in circuits for ripple filtering and are often found in time constant, coupling or resonance circuits. In addition to radio circuits, they are used in TV transmitters and Cable TV amplification circuits. Mica is also a superior choice in high-voltage inversion and power conversion for energy absorbing snubber applications with capacitances of up to 10 nF.

Q: High Voltage and Custom Mica Capacitors.

Standard silver mica capacitors are normally designed to handle voltages from 100 to 1000 volts. High-voltage RF transmitter applications can call for higher tolerances. Mica capacitors are available for voltages up to 20kV.

Our expert engineering team can create the mica capacitor with the characteristics you require. Send us your drawing or file and we will work with you to manufacture the correct size, lead style and capacitance you desire.


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