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Exxelia manufactures Gate Drive Transformers for space, aviation, defense, rail and telecom markets. Typical applications include SMPS, inverter, motor drives and IGBT.

GDT 20

 Magnetics > For SMPS > Gate Drive Transformers - GDT 20

Main Features

  • Ferrite set core, mechanical robustness
  • Vacuum Epoxy impregnation
  • FC77 Fluorinert compatible
  • 25kVdc insulation between all windings
  • PQ20 package

Typical Applications

  • SMPS


Technical Characteristics


  • 230Vµs

Turn ratio

  • Not available


  • Up to: 100 kHz


  • Minimum : -20 °C
  • Maximum : 40 °C


  • No special note

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3D Models

  • No Model

Frequently Asked Questions

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