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Since 1978

2 Sites:
17,200 & 32,200 sqf

215 Employees

ISO 9001
EN 9100


Exxelia Magnetics was formed through the merging of Exxelia Microspire and Exxelia N’Ergy, in 2016.
Exxelia Magnetics brings together all French based activities of design and manufacture of high-end electromagnetic components: transformers and inductors, electro-magnets, rotors and stators.

Exxelia Magnetics relies on more than 40 years’ experience acquired by both companies, which have complementary know-how.

Standard Technologies


Linear winding: in RM, ETD, EP, EFD, ER, EQ and other formats
Toroid winding

Specific Technologies



  • Design and manufacture of specific electromagnetic components with copper or aluminum conductors for power conversion embedded electronics.
  • Moulding of electromagnetic components or cards (potting)
  • Electric testing @ 50Hz or 400Hz
  • Expertise in SESI, TT and CCM technologies




Harsh environment applications (shock, vibration, and high temperature, …)


Exxelia Magnetics’ manufacturing sites are located in France and in several cost-effective areas (Exxelia Vietnam and Exxelia Maroc), offering competitive solutions.

Illange Site Manager: François Vignaud
Antigny Site Manager: Jean-Charles Tosolini


16, parc d'Activités du Beau Vallon, 57970 Illange, France
Tel.: +33 3 82 59 13 33
Fax : +33 3 82 51 00 49

ZI la Levraudière, 85120 Antigny, FRANCE
Tel.: +33 2 51 69 64 25

Exxelia Magnetics Brochure

Featured products by Exxelia Magnetics


Nom. Inductance

1,5µH > 2,290mH

Rated Current

max > 14A


max > 1MHz
  • QPL

Rotor 40

Dimensions L Max (mm)


Diameter Max (mm)


Weight Max (kg)


3-ph Transformer 90kVA

Power Max (kVA)


Frequency Max (Hz)

  • EN

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