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Since 1972

17,000 sqf

70 Employees

AS 9100
ISO 9001


DeYoung Mfg., Inc. became Exxelia DeYoung Inc. in April 2016. Exxelia DeYoung Inc. has been a trusted provider of quality custom electro-magnetic components since 1972. Today the company is one of the few remaining resources for high mix, high reliability products handmade in the U.S., available in quantities from one to thousands per year and backed by experienced in-house design engineering support.

Precision performance has made Exxelia DeYoung Inc. a leader in the industry for meeting the requirements of aerospace, medical, military and commercial industries with quality registrations for ISO9001 and AS9100 Rev C.

  • Design and technical assistance from Kirkland-based innovative BSEE magnetics engineers
  • Linear winding in EFD, ETD, EP, ER, RM and many other core formats and materials
  • Toroidal windings from very small to 6” diameter
  • Wire ranges from #44 to #00 including Litz wire, foil, and planar designs
  • Vacuum impregnation together with encapsulation and potting capabilities
  • Prototype and low volume production support to complement the design process
  • Low to mid volume, high complexity products manufactured in Kirkland, WA
  • Higher volume / lower cost production capacity available through Exxelia Vietnam
  • 100% inspection of products; product qualification services available

Site Manager: Martin DeYoung


12920 NE 125th Way, Kirkland, WA 98034 USA
Phone : (425) 823-4798
Fax : (425) 821-4633

Exxelia Deyoung Brochure

Featured products by Exxelia Deyoung

Forward 35W-180kHz




max > 180kHz


-40°C > 85°C
  • RoHS

WRFT Series

Band Width (MHz)

0,1 - 400

Impedance ratio (Ohm)

50:50 up to 50:800


-40°C > 125°C
  • RoHS

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